Emojis Meaning and Usage – Emoji heart and copy – paste

Detailed Emojis Meaning

The meaning of emojis is expressed through those pictograms that display a person’s mood or feeling at a given moment solely through textual representations created by a writer in the form of icons.

Initially, these pictograms consisted of ASCII art, but later shifted to Shift JIS and Unicode.

All of these are known as emoticons or emojis, and their numbers are growing day by day, from graphic or static icons to animated ones.

When it comes to the style of emojis, they can be divided into two parts:

In the East, the eyes play a primary role in facial expressions.
In the West, the entire face tends to be used.
These emojis can be used on any device with Android, iOS (iPhone), or Windows operating systems, and the pictograms presented below are the ones used on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp with a description of their specifications.

Emojis Meaning


Heart Emoji: ❤️
Copy and Paste: ❤️

Laughing Emoji: 😂
Copy and Paste: 😂

Thumbs Up Emoji: 👍
Copy and Paste: 👍

Crying Emoji: 😢
Copy and Paste: 😢

Shrug Emoji: 🤷‍♂️
Copy and Paste: 🤷‍♂️

“Emojis Explained: Part 1 – The Meaning Behind Different Smiley Faces

In this article, we’ll delve into the detailed meanings of various smiley face emojis, ranging from joyful and loving to irritated and beyond.

Emojis Meaning Part 1

😀 – Grinning Face

One of the most widely used and common universal emojis.

Used to greet someone, express joy, enthusiasm, or simply lighten the mood through a short text.

😃 – Grinning Face with Big Eyes

That type of wide-eyed smile that stretches from ear to ear.

Expresses a positive disposition, shows teeth, and radiates a high level of happiness. It’s all about unbridled joy.

😄 – Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes

Represents a hearty and happy laugh that comes from the heart, mouth wide open, eyes squeezed shut. This is the classic emoji, eyes almost closed, often used for sarcasm.

😁 – Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes

Combines a mischievous laugh with a happy face.

Conveys a sense of joyful emotion due to an event, ease, or even a touch of embarrassment.

😆 – Grinning Squinting Face

Represents an incredibly amusing laugh with a “ear-to-ear” grin. Sometimes used for mocking or cheeky laughter about an event involving someone else.

😅 – Grinning Face with Sweat

A sweat-drenched smile, the result of a tense situation that turned out well or was positively managed. Getting through a tough situation like a critical meeting or job interview.

😂 – Face with Tears of Joy

When something is so incredibly funny that you end up crying from laughter. This is the most popular and used emoji worldwide. Anyone using an online communication app like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram chat has responded with this emoji.

🤣 – Rolling on the Floor Laughing

A grinning face, amusingly rolling on the floor while laughing. The emoji signifies uncontrollable laughter.

😊 – Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes

That smile when you’re feeling shy or a bit embarrassed. A face with rosy cheeks, expressing the joy of the moment.

This emoji represents happiness, contentment, or tranquility.

😇 – Smiling Face with Halo

The kind of face that implies innocence (often feigned innocence). When you want to play innocent with a sweet expression or when you’re expecting something and put on an angelic look.

🙂 – Slightly Smiling Face

A simple smile that indicates you’re content with yourself or the world. A friendly statement. This emoji can also carry a sarcastic meaning when used in a context that contradicts the content.

🙃 – Upside-Down Face

Used for an ambiguous or ironic message. When someone wants to convey not being taken seriously, a slightly crazy behavior, or as a response to a joke.”

😉 – Winking Face

Expression of humor, making a joke that is somewhat true, or when you have a hidden motive and hint at it to someone. This emoji is commonly used when two people of different genders communicate online, often used for flirting.

😌 – Relieved Face

Signification Emoticons Part 2

A smiling relieved face – a happy smile when something has ended without causing harm, that relaxed or grateful feeling.

😍 – Heart Eyes

Represents a joyful face with heart-shaped eyes. Infatuated with a person or a presented place. Expresses the magnitude of love and affection. Often used when an image of something dear to you is shown.

🥰 – Smiling Face with Hearts

Signifying a romantic emotion, a face filled with love and hearts. This emoji is like an animation where hearts rise from the bottom over the face.

😘 – Kissing Face with Closed Eyes

A smiling face blowing a kiss with a heart. Conveys affection or a romantic intention with a touch of love. A symbol of flirting and gratitude.

😗 – Kissing Face

A neutral face ready for a kiss. This emoji is used for friends or relatives, with meanings like “Hello,” “Thank you,” or “Goodbye.”

😙 – Kissing Face with Smiling Eyes

A relaxed facial expression, smiling eyes, and kissed lips. Like “Greetings.”

😚 – Kissing Face with Closed Eyes

Cute face with closed eyes – used to express gratitude for a favor, can be used as a kiss of love for family or friends, or for a dear person.

😋 – Face Savoring Food

Face licking its corner of the mouth – hungry or attracted to something delicious or when having a meal full of treats. Often used after sending a funny or flirtatious message. Sometimes used to say something in a joking way while being serious underneath.

😛 – Face with Stuck-Out Tongue

When you want to convey something, but you want the recipient to not take it seriously.

😝 – Squinting Face with Tongue

When you’re making fun of someone or when you want to insult someone in a joking manner. Emoji meaning: crude or dark humor.

😜 – Winking Face with Tongue

When you make a joke with your chat partner, a flirtatious joke. Means that the message is to be ignored and not taken seriously.

🤪 – Crazy Face

Wildly funny – conveys an exuberant, crazy, or silly vibe. When someone in a group has made an indecent joke.

🤨 – Face with Raised Eyebrow

Expresses skepticism, distrust, or disapproval. The kind of face you make when you hear something absurd or something you don’t like.

🤓 – Nerd Face

When you appear with an embarrassed smile, big rabbit teeth, and giant glasses, you’re a true nerd. Used with humor or sometimes ironically for nerds. A super smart person but dressed somewhat amusingly.

😎 – Smiling Face with Sunglasses

When you’re the “King of disco” or the master of the world, that super cool dome with sunglasses.

Used when you’re completely confident in your abilities, when everything is super easy for you.

When someone says you can handle things easily, and you respond with this emoji.

🤩 – Star-Struck Face

Extremely excited about something. Delighted like kids when they receive a new toy. Often overwhelmed, speechless, or fascinated by glory.

🥳 – Face with Party Blower and Party Hat

Used when you’re at a party or organizing one. Or when you wish someone “Happy Birthday” or any joyful or celebratory event.

😏 – Smirking Face

A smirk somehow with half a mouth that radiates satisfaction, irony, or mischief.

Emojis of Distress

😒 – Unamused Face

The look of a frowning face that expresses dissatisfaction with the conversation. When something displeases you and you want to show it.

😞 – Disappointed Face

An emoji with a very sad and frustrated face, leaving an impression of disappointment. Represents sadness or regret.

😔 – Pensive Face

A thinking face looking downward. Represents a melancholic, general dissatisfaction.

😟 – Worried Face

Used when encountering complicated situations, discomfort, or uncertainty.

Part 3

😕 – Confused Face

When you disagree with something, feel disappointed, or imagined something differently than it turned out.

🙁 – Slightly Frowning Face

Expresses anger or rejection towards a person, anxious.

😣 – Suffering Face

When you’ve encountered an obstacle, when the situation is very tough.

😫 – Tired Face

Emoji meaning like tired with closed eyes and open mouth. The result of what’s happening around you. When you’re very exhausted from something.

😩 – Weary Face

When you’re mentally or physically exhausted.

🥺 – Pleading Face

Big bright eyes and a pleading expression on the face. The meaning of emojis like this one can convey different emotions, depending on context. Often used when someone begs for money or wants to borrow an item.

😢 – Crying Face

Face with a drooping smile, a tear on the sad cheek. Expresses pain or a feeling for something. When you remember a departed person.

😭 – Loudly Crying Face

Also one of the top 3 emojis, it’s one of the most used emoticons in chats. Tears are flowing down the face without stopping.

Represents pain or hurt, but sometimes used ironically when something is extremely funny, and it’s put as if it’s crying with laughter, even though the approach is incorrect.

😤 – Face with Steam From Nose

When you’re very angry at someone or something, when steam or vapor comes out of your nose.

😠 – Angry Face

Very used when you’re super angry, when you react to something unfavorable for you in a sign of rejection or disagreement.

😡 – Pouting Face

Angry face expresses displeasure towards a person or situation. The kind that’s very close to exploding with anger.

🤬 – Face with Symbols on Mouth

Symbols on the mouth represent censorship when swearing or cursing at someone. Can also be represented by a sudden burst of anger or frustration.

🤯 – Exploding Head

When you hear something unbelievable, interesting, or surprising. When you hear a “Wow” news.

😳 – Flushed Face with Wide Eyes

When you’re genuinely shocked, in an embarrassing situation. Expresses embarrassment

🥵 – Overheated Red Face

A completely red face with sweat drops on the forehead. When you’re very excited and become so warm due to emotions, experiencing a highly tense state.

🥶 – Freezing Face

It’s so cold that your face feels like it’s freezing. This emoticon conveys extreme coldness, and you might want to inform others about it.

😱 – Face with Open Mouth and Wide Eyes

This is the kind of emoticon used in horror movies or when you’re terrified and feeling sheer panic. One of the most used symbols as a reaction to Halloween photos in America.

😨 – Fearful Face

This emoticon expresses a frightened smile and a chill on the forehead and head. It seems deeply shocked by an event that has happened.

😰 – Open Mouth and Cold Sweat

A blue-frozen forehead, a sign that you’re shocked and worried. Cold sweat drips from the forehead, and the mouth is open.

😥 – Disappointed but Relieved Face

You’ve been through an unpleasant situation, an exam, or an interview, and even though you didn’t excel, you feel relieved that you’re out of that tough situation.

😓 – Face with Closed Eyes and Sweat on Forehead

When you’re too stressed or worried about something, or when you have a lot of work and a friend wants to take you out, your response might come with this emoticon.

🤗 – Hugging Face

Two hands next to an embraced face is a sign used when someone wants to give you a warm hug. A beautiful gesture that expresses love, warmth, and friendship.

🤔 – Thinking Face

A thoughtful face with a hand on the chin. It expresses a momentary pause to consider your proposal. This sign is commonly used when inviting someone out or to a party, as the person needs a little time to think. Also used when someone is pondering problem-solving.

🤭 – Face with Hand Over Mouth

This represents surprise or shock.

🤫 – Shushing Face

Depicted by the gesture of silence, this emoticon is used when someone tells you a secret that they want you to keep quiet.

🤥 – Pinocchio or Lying Face

The symbol for lying, when you know someone isn’t telling the truth or is sharing an extraordinary story.

😶 – Face Without Mouth

When someone leaves you speechless, or when you don’t want to talk about a subject at all. Used when you’re put in a situation to speak about something uncomfortable or bad.

😐 – Neutral Face

The kind of expression a poker player wears, always serious and hard to impress, leaning more towards being unchangeable.

😑 – Expressionless Face

When there’s no expression on the face, sometimes tired or annoyed, devoid of emotion. Or when someone doesn’t want to talk to you at all.

😬 – Grimacing Face

Often used as a nervous smile or when you’ve done something and feel guilty. Sometimes used when you’re embarrassed or have made a mistake and then try to fix the situation.

🙄 – Meaning of Eye-Rolling Emoticon

This emoticon rolls its eyes to show being bored or annoyed by the received message, and sometimes it can imply being overwhelmed.

😯 – Meaning of Overwhelmed Emoticons

Being unpleasantly surprised by rude behavior or an impolite message.

😦 – Frowning Face with Open Mouth

Can’t believe something like this happened. A feeling of worry or horror. Used when someone got caught doing something.

😧 – Anguished Face

When something unexpected has happened, when you receive a shock or disappointment.

😮 – Meaning of Emoticons with Open Mouth

The meaning of emoticons with an open mouth indicates being momentarily surprised by an event or hearing not-so-good news, like an accident or something happening to a known person.

😲 – Surprised Face Emoticon

A stunned face with wide-open eyes and mouth: completely shocked like “I can’t believe this.”

😴 – Sleeping Face Emoticon

When you receive a message but want to ignore it, a sign of sleepiness, or when you have online classes and you send this to a classmate to show extreme boredom.

🤤 – Drooling Face

When you see something very delicious from a taste perspective and your mouth waters. Used when something is sensational and extremely delicious. The emoticon represents extreme interest or desire for an object (food).

😪 – Sleepy Face

That moment when you’re very tired and want to sleep, or when a conversation becomes extremely boring and you’re not interested in the subject at all.

😵 – Dizzy or Bewildered Emoticon

Being captivated by your words = confused or disoriented. Or when you’ve had a drink and feel a sense of dizziness or confusion.

🤐 – Zipper Mouth Emoticon

A zipper instead of a mouth or smile means you’ve received a secret, someone has disclosed something to you, or you’ve revealed a secret and expect that person to keep it.

🥴 – Wavy Mouth and Uneven Eyes

Expresses confusion, either emotional or due to tiredness. A frequently used emoji when you’re tipsy at a party.

🤢 – Green Face

A sign of nausea or disgust, or when you’re feeling very sick.

🤮 – Face with Open Mouth Vomiting

When something is presented to you that instantly disgusts you, or when you’re talking about last night and indicate through this emoticon that you don’t want to taste such a thing at least for now.

🤧 – Sneezing Emoticon

A sneeze with closed eyes or when you blow your nose in a white tissue, indicating you’re sick.

😷 – Masked Emoticon

A protective mask, one of the most used emoticons in 2020 due to the pandemic, but generally used when someone is going to the hospital or is unwell.

🤒 – Thermometer Face Emoticon

The thermometer in the mouth emoticon represents illness or fever.

🤕 – Bandaged Head

A bandaged face: when you’ve had an accident or when you’re in the hospital, this bandage symbolizes health issues.

🤑 – Money-Mouth Face Emoticon

Used when you hear some information about making money or when you’ve bought a cryptocurrency and want to make a lot of money. A financial or wealth sentiment.

🤠 – Cowboy or Wild West Face

The American cowboy from Dallas or the Wild West, the cowboy emoticon represents being carefree or a sense of freedom.

😈 – Devilish Face

The malicious smile on a fiery red face of a DEMON, wanting to do something bad or cause certain problems.


Mostly used for betrayal, when someone is dead serious, and everything is very grave. Beware, you’ve seriously messed up.

Meaning of Hand Emoticons

🤲 Hands Together

When you wish for everything to go well, for your plans to unfold just as you’ve set them at the beginning. Hands raised represent a form of prayer.

👐 Open Hands

Open palms symbolize affection or openness. Sometimes it can represent love for someone dear.

🙌 Hands Up with Three Stars

Hands raised in celebration, like during a carnival or before heading to a big concert where you want to have fun with friends.

👏 Clapping Hands

Applause and more applause – expresses gratitude for someone, appreciation when someone has achieved something. Sometimes used sarcastically when someone does something wrong and you disagree.

🤝 Handshake

A handshake represents a greeting that can be for meeting or parting (goodbye). It signifies agreement with that person or having understood each other, like when you’re selling a car or a house.

👍 Thumbs Up

The emoticon represents agreement, approval when someone has done something right, and you show appreciation through this gesture.

👎 Thumbs Down

The meaning of the thumbs-down emoticon represents denial or disapproval, complete disagreement.

👊 Fist Bump

A fist bump signifies encouragement, like when you’re saying “go for it,” a friendly gesture or when everything is okay and you’re announcing that people can rely on you. This emoticon can also be used in a threatening sense when you have issues with someone.

✊ Raised Fist

Like saying: “I can do it,” “I’ve got this.” Represents power or strength, when you believe anything is possible or when someone has challenged you.

🤛 Fist Bump Left

Represents a sign of success, like when you’re in great shape, or when you want to fist-bump someone, similar to the above-mentioned emoticon.

🤜 Fist Bump Right

Just like the left version, this one signifies excellence or an exceptional state of mind.

🤞 Crossed Fingers

The crossed fingers emoticon signifies a promise or commitment, a sign used a lot by children in real life.

✌ Victory or Peace Sign

A symbol of victory or peace = the letter V represents victory, an emoticon frequently used by athletes in most of their conversations.

🤟 Pinky and Index Finger Crossed

This sign can mean “I love you.”

🤘 Horns

Used by rockers when listening to metal rock music or any type of rock. The metal horn gesture has various interpretations, from infidelity to a greeting.

👌 OK Sign

In this emoticon, the fingers form the letter O. It represents approval or the sign that everything is fine or under control and doesn’t require assistance.

👈 Pointing Finger Left

Used by children as a gesture like a pistol or gun, or it might indicate a particular destination or direction to follow.

👉 Pointing Finger Right

Similar to the pointing finger left emoticon, this one is its opposite.

👆 Pointing Finger Up

Raising the index finger upward implies a warning or statement, for example: “I’ll be on time, I’ve got time, I’m very interested.” It’s used when you want to draw attention to something or say something important.

👇 Pointing Finger Down

Pointing finger down = when you want to highlight the perfect place for something or when you want to emphasize a point.

Meaning of Love Emoticons

❤️ Red Heart

The classic symbol of love and affection = expresses romance and passion, but in other contexts, it can also indicate strong bonds of friendship.

💕 Two Red Hearts

Cupid has finally arrived, and you’re forming a loving relationship. Used in all romantic texts between two people.

💞 Rotating Hearts

Two hearts rotating around each other symbolize the love between two people who deeply care for each other. It can also be interpreted as circling around or making advances or flirtation.

💓 Beating Heart

When you use this emoticon, you’re telling your loved one that your heart beats only for them.

💖 Heart with Sparkles

The meaning of the sparkly heart emojis indicates that someone adores you a lot and wants you close to them as soon as possible.

💘 Heart with Arrow

You’ve fallen in love with someone, and your heart has been struck by the arrow of love, and you’ve stepped into an incredibly beautiful world where everything is rosy.

🧡 Orange Heart

When you want to tell someone that you want to remain just friends, a kind of half-heart that expresses you don’t want love.

💛 Yellow Heart

The golden heart symbolizes purity, used in romantic contexts only for expressions of joy.

💚 Green Heart

The green heart symbolizes sports and healthy eating, when a person feels physically well due to maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in lots of physical activity.

💙 Blue Heart

Complete trust, love, loyalty.

💜 Purple Heart

When you’re showing someone compassion, care, or affection, this kind of emoticon is used a lot between children and their mothers in far-off countries on Mother’s Day. It’s also used frequently by influential people or celebrities.

🖤 Black Heart

Just as the color suggests, a dark feeling of pain or sadness.

💔 Broken Heart

Disappointment in love, unhappiness; this is conveyed by the broken heart, when you’ve been let down by someone very close to you.

Meaning of Car Emojis

🚓 Police Car

When you’ve done something and you’re afraid of the police, it represents fear or trust in law enforcement and the safety they provide.

🚒 Fire Truck

Your conversation has heated up, and you placed this truck to calm the situation or the feelings of nervousness among the people in your chat group.

🚑 Ambulance

Something serious has happened, and you need medical assistance; an accident has occurred.

🏍️ Motorcycle

The motorcycle emoticon expresses the feeling of freedom, relaxation, or excitement.

🚲 Bicycle

Riding a bicycle during a season like summer or spring rejuvenates your body and fills it with positive energy.

🚅 Train

When you’re running late or you have some means of transportation you need to catch.

Top 10 Most Used Emojis


Emoji copy and paste
😂 😍 ❤️ 😊 😁
😅 🤣 😭 😆 🥰😘 😩 🥺 😎 🤔😏 🙄 😒 😌 😬🤗 😑 😕 🙃 ☺️
😓 😔 😪 😢 🤩🥴 😤 😠 🤯 🤪😰 😥 😣 🥵 😶😋 🤑 😜 🤓 😛
😝 🤤 🥳 🤠 🥶😁 😂 😃 😄 😅😆 😉 😊 😋 😎😍 😘 😗 😙 😚
☺️ 🙂 🤗 🤩 🤔🤨 😐 😑 😶 🙄😏 😣 😥 😮 🤐😯 😪 😫 😌 😛
😜 😝 🤤 😒 😓😔 😕 🙃 🤑 😲☹️ 🙁 😖 😞 😟😤 😢 😭 😦 😧
😨 😩 🥱 😪 😫😴

If you’re in a conversation on a computer or laptop and you want to use emojis in Windows 10, you can easily do so by pressing the Windows key + period key.

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